Program Assignment Material
September Homework Assignment

You are required to choose one of the following assignments and complete it before September 25. The assignments are not onerous, but will require some time and effort to complete. 

YOHO reflection questions

1. Everyone on the trip did very well and it was such a success. What part of the trip, or who on the trip, are you particularly proud of or happy with?

2. Now that you have been out for an overnight trip where weather was a factor, what equipment would you have changed in your pack? If nothing would change, what was the most important thing you packed?

3. We had some problems with forgotten or faulty equipment. If you were on your own this would have been a problem. What steps would you change in your pre-trip planning?

4. If everyone on the trip was a chocolate bar, what kind would they be?

Mystery Tour Reflection Questions

1A: New Participants: Was it hard to sign up for a program for the first time considering you didn't know what you were getting yourself into?

1B: Returning Participants: Did your familiarity with the program make it easier to sign up for a mystery trip?

2: Did your time on the mountain challenge you in some unexpected way?

3: Can you think of a time on the trip where. you supported others, were supported yourself by others, or needed some support that maybe wasn't provided? How did this make you feel?

4: If you were a piece of cutlery, what would you be and why?

Kinnaird Bluffs is a special place because it has been saved from possible industrial use and purchased by the West Kootenay Climbing Association to be used as a recreational climbing area. This week you have two questions:

1. If money was not a barrier, what is a spot in the world you would save int the same way? The area can not already be protected as a park and it should be currently used as an outdoor recreation space or have the potential to become one. As an example, I would purchase the land above Wyndell that has been recently logged and is now on the market. I would save the existing mountain bike trail and create more so that bikers in Creston could continue to use the area.

2. Were you nervous or excited to head out on this trip? If excited, did it meet your expectations? If nervous, were you able to overcome this and enjoy your experience?

Climbing Trip Reflection Questions