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Program Assignment Material
Ski Trip Homework Assignment

You are required to choose one of the following assignments and complete it before the safety meeting on February 15th in order to participate in the ski program. Your spot will be made available to the next person on the wait list if it is not completed by this date. The assignment is not onerous, but will require some time and effort to complete. 

Banff reflection journal entry.

1. What word would you use to describe the experience you had during our Via Ferrata Tour?

2. Draw that word as a reflection of the experience in your journal.

Kootenay National Park (Redstreak) camp journal entry.

1. We encountered many types of vegetative species during our hikes on this trip (Douglas Fir, Common juniper, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Lodgepole Pine, White Spruce)

2. Draw three of the species we encountered in your journal that you can use to identify the species. (cones, needles, bark, etc.)

Spirit Rock Climbing Trip journal entry.

1. Draw a body part that reflects an important aspect of what happened during our trip.

Eye - Something new you saw in yourself.

Stomach - Something pushed you outside your comfort zone.

Brain - Something new you learned about yourself or someone else.

Heart - A feeling you experienced

Hand - Something you/group member did to support someone else

Ear - A good idea you learned or something that was hard to hear.

2. We discussed communication being a vital part of the climber/belay person dynamic. What was one way your experience of climbing will translate into helping you be a better communicator in daily life?

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